Online live Spanish lessons made exciting

Online live Spanish lessons made exciting

Getting real exposure when learning a language is hard. We make this possible.

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Learning a language is about communication,
not just memorisation

Casa Spanish will boost your practical skills and confidence.

Other methods

Generic program for all students, with a focus on completing a textbook.

  • Dull topics
  • Repetitive lessons
  • Lack of structure
  • No participation

Casa Spanish

Custom program for each student, with an emphasis on exposure, practice and results.

  • Exciting topics
  • Unique and varied lessons
  • Carefully crafted classes
  • You always participate


Huge variety of lessons for all interests

Choose from more than 15 live lessons per week, join whichever you want.


Multiple teachers with diverse teaching styles

Join lessons from any teacher and get a wide exposure to Spanish language.


Highly structured lessons with clear objectives

Each lesson is carefully designed and optimised for online learning.


You always participate

Participate at each lesson, practice your Spanish and learn something new every time.

And many more features including

Follow ups

Receive a written summary of the lesson.


Engage in conversations outside of class.


Track your progress and see how far you are learning.

Lesson recommendations

Find lessons which are best suited for you.

£49 per month

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  • Unlimited access to platform
  • Cancel any time

Amazing classes. Really interesting and varied topics with gifted teachers. It really helped me improve. Absolutely love logging in each time.

Sandra Meunier

Teachers are great! They make even the dullest of subjects fun and interesting. I have been able to practice my Spanish each lesson!

Sarah Douglas

I have been learning since December and am still really enjoying all the lessons. They are lively, interesting, varied, well planned and motivating.

Hazel Harrison
Retired French Teacher

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Get started with live Spanish lessons

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