Do you want to start learning Spanish from scratch? We got you covered!

Casa Spanish lessons are aimed for students who have already learnt some Spanish before and are looking for a way to practise it whilst studying new topics.

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However, we want to encourage Spanish newbies to join this exciting community. For this, we offer a 10 one-to-one live lessons program that will provide you with a strong cornerstone in Spanish. This is The Foundations of Spanish 10 Lesson Plan.

The Foundations of Spanish 10 lesson plan

Lesson I

Main objective: to practise the alphabet and numbers from 1-20

  • Read basic information about some people.
  • Read about interests.
  • Spell your name and some countries and cities.

Lesson II

Main objective: to practise the sounds of “j” and “g” and provide personal information

  • Talk about hobbies and interests.
  • Learn verb endings.
  • Learn questions for asking personal information.
  • Verb “to like”.

Lesson III

Main objective: to express intentions and reasons using the verb “querer”.

  • Talk about hobbies and leisure.
  • Introduction to irregular verbs.
  • Use of infinitives.

Lesson IV

Main objective: to express reasons using the prepositions “por” and “para”.


Revision of the alphabet.

Lesson V

Main objective: to practise regular verbs.

  • Rules of conjugation.
  • Pronunciation of “g”.

Lesson VI

Main objective: to study indefinite and definite articles.

  • Masculine and feminine nouns.
  • Definite articles: el, la, los, las.
  • Indefinite articles: un, una, unos unas.

Lesson VII

Main objective: to study the superlatives in Spanish.

  • Adjectives.
  • Agreement of subject and adjectives.

Lesson VIII

Main objective: to use the verb “haber” and “estar” for describing places.

  • Vocabulary of the city.
  • Revision of indefinite articles.

Lesson IX

Main objective: to use the verb “gustar” (to like).

  • Revision of hobbies.
  • Talk about your favourite activities and things.

Lesson X

Main objective: to have basic conversations in Spanish.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Talk about your likes and dislikes.
  • Talk about your hometown and favourite places.

You can access all these 10 lessons for £270.

For this price you will get:

  • Flexibility. You can arrange with the teacher the time that suits you best and start your learning journey on the right foot.
  • Learning materials and activities.
  • An A1 level of Spanish that will allow you to join the Casa Spanish live lessons and put your new linguistic skills to the test. (Learn more about levels here).

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