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Why is speaking essential for learning Spanish?

Spanish is an amazing language. With more than 500 million speakers, Spanish has a tremendous presence in the world. Being a romance language, a lot of its vocabulary is shared with English. This makes it one of the easiest languages to learn. The huge cultural diversity of the Spanish speaking world coupled with an easy access are a boon to anyone who wishes to learn it.

Toledo medival bridge over river

Puente de San Martín in Toledo

And yet, despite the importance of the Spanish language, finding a suitable environment to practise is a challenging task. Unless travelling abroad, the list of opportunities is restricted. 1-2-1 tutoring classes are expensive when taught by professionals. Classes focus on completing chapters in a course book. They are normally restricted to one day a week, and language exchange platforms will lack the expert input required to understand the intricacies of the Spanish.

Placing participation at the centre of your learning process is the key to reaching fluency. Engaging in active learning stimulates the brain in a way which is vastly more effective than passive learning. Recreating real life conditions with lively discussions will boost your confidence and it is undoubtedly more effective than just randomly listening to podcasts or choosing answers on an app. When coupled with an engaging topic, interactive practice has a tremendous impact on learning.

Conversation practice with Casa Spanish

At Casa Spanish we put the emphasis on real life Spanish practice. You learn with authentic teachers in live online lessons.

The number 1 priority for our teachers is to make sure that you learn and that you are enjoying yourself.

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Amazing classes. Really interesting and varied topics with gifted teachers. It really helped me improve. Absolutely love logging in each time.

Sandra Meunier

Teachers are great! They make even the dullest of subjects fun and interesting. I have been able to practice my Spanish each lesson!

Sarah Douglas

I have been learning since December and am still really enjoying all the lessons. They are lively, interesting, varied, well planned and motivating.

Hazel Harrison
Retired French Teacher