Spanish lessons with a Flamenco twist

This is the Flamenco Week at Casa Spanish! In addition to our regular lessons, experience a set of unique flamenco themed Spanish lessons.

Each level has its adapted flamenco lesson, so it doesn't matter if you are new to Spanish, or if you are already fluent in the language. Your teacher will lead you through activities such as song analysis, content creation, or movie extracts.

Forms of flamenco expression

We will learn about the different types of flamenco and we will describe them.
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A1 (Beginner) Tuesday 18th, 2pm
The passion of Lola Flores

Who was Lola Flores and why is she such an icon?
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A2 (Elementary) Wednesday 19th, 8pm
An Andalusian tradition

We will look at Flamenco as an Andalusian tradition, and will look at its presence in the culture of southern Spain.
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B1 (Intermediate) Thursday 20th, 9am
Diego el Cigala

We will analyse a song from famous Flamenco artist Diego el Cigala
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B1 (Intermediate) Friday 21st, 6pm
Flamenco: History and Essence

We will look at Flamenco's history, and its expressiveness to produce some unique content.
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B2 (Upper-intermediate) Saturday 22nd, 7pm

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Amazing classes. Really interesting and varied topics with gifted teachers. It really helped me improve. Absolutely love logging in each time.

Sandra Meunier

Teachers are great! They make even the dullest of subjects fun and interesting. I have been able to practice my Spanish each lesson!

Sarah Douglas

I have been learning since December and am still really enjoying all the lessons. They are lively, interesting, varied, well planned and motivating.

Hazel Harrison
Retired French Teacher


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