Efficiency and price

Get 8 online group lessons for £49 per month.

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Two lessons per week

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm I teach a Spanish interactive lesson. Get access to all of them for a monthly subscription of £49.

Top quality classes

With small groups and tailor-made material, you’ll love participating in every class. Our sessions are specifically made for online teaching to give you the best results for your time.

Better than an app

Thanks to "active learning", you’ll assimilate concepts more easily (and make more progress) than you would with an app. We add the human touch you need to properly pick up a new language.



This subscription costs less than traditional language schools.

£49 per month, unlimited classes

While traditional language schools charge around £20 per hour, we offer unlimited classes for £49 per month. As a member, you can join any of them. Our objective is simple: if you want to learn, we’re here to teach you.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any point. Your membership will run until the end of the month, and after that, we won't bill you anymore. No hard feelings.

Join any lesson

You can choose the lessons that interest you. Some are suited to different levels, but we let you decide what makes most sense for you.

Everything online

No need to print documents or buy a book. We keep everything on our platform. You can access all our previous classes, and it’s great for finding summaries of lessons you’ve already attended.

Check out our upcoming lessons

Check out our upcoming lessons

Conversation, culture, grammar, listening, games and much more!

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Follow ups

Receive a written summary of the lesson.


Engage in conversations outside of class.


Track your progress and see how far you are learning.

Lesson recommendations

Find lessons which are best suited for you.

Get access for £49

Get access for £49

Attend as many lessons as you want for a monthly subscription

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