Lets go to the doctor

Lets go to the doctor

Carlos jesús G.
The lesson is past

Nobody likes to visit the doctor, but it is necessary sometimes, being able to express yourself in Spanish at the medical appointment is essential for daily life in Latin America and Spain. In this lesson we will study the following sections so that you can go to the doctor with complete confidence:

1. Make a medical appointment
2. Verbs 'tener' and 'doler'
3. Describe the symptoms of a disease

This is a very useful lesson that you can always remember.



Jim B. commented an hour ago
Sorry, Carlos, that I had to cancel this lesson at the last minute. Ironically I wasn’t feeling well and had slept badly. Hasta mañana por la mañana.
Carlos jesús G. commented an hour ago
Muy irónico, cierto :) No pasa nada Jim, aunque te echamos de menos, siempre nos encanta contar contigo. Nos vemos mañana. Un saludo P.D. Intenta escribirme siempre en español ;)
Jim B. commented an hour ago
Gracias, Carlos. Culparé a mis cálculos biliares por hacerme tomar la opción más fácil del inglés. ¡Debo esforzarme más!
Jim B. commented an hour ago
¿Supongo que P.D. = P.S. en inglés?
Jim B. commented an hour ago
¿Posdata? = postscript ?

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