Briseida C.
The lesson is past

En esta clase vamos a hablar del cine, recordaremos algunas películas famosas y vamos a recordar el pretérito para esto.


  -ar -er -ir
yo canté comí viví
cantaste comiste viviste
él, ella , usted cantó comió vivió
nosotros cantamos  comimos vivimos
vosotros cantasteis comisteis vivisteis
ustedes, ellos cantaron comieron vivieron



Nina P. commented 1 month, 2 weeks ago
I have a bad toothache and would just like to listen to the lesson tonight without the camera and sound. Hope you don't mind. Next Tuesday the dentist is going to resolve my toothache so should feel better by next Friday. In the mean time I would still like to attend and listen to the lesson quietly so I don't miss too much. Many thanks Nina
Briseida C. commented 1 month, 2 weeks ago
No problem, Nina, I hope you feel better soon ;)

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