Calm tourism. The concept of Cittaslow

Calm tourism. The concept of Cittaslow

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We will read about the concept of CittaSlow. This movement aims to preserve and promote authentic and calm cities around the world. 

We will also revise how to allude to a specific opinion or news. 


Alluding to our opinion or news: 


Eso de que + subjunctive

News: "Los nuevos hoteles de lujo cerrarán las playas al público general."

Alluding to the previous news: Eso de que vayan a cerrar las playas me parece muy mal. 

Eso de + infinitive

Opinion: "Para pagar la preservación de la catedral, estoy de acuerdo que se cobre a los turistas por entrar".

Alluding to the previous opinion: En eso de pagar por visitar la catedral, no estoy de acuerdo.



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Calm tourism. The concept of Cittaslow
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