Conjugating in preterite II (stem-changing verbs)

Conjugating in preterite II (stem-changing verbs)

Charo N.
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Vocabulary Grammar

Stem-changing verbs are verbs that show change in the structure of their stem when conjugated.

Buscar (to look for) Leer (to read) Preferir (to prefer)

Yo busqué

tú buscaste

él/ella buscó

nosotros buscamos

vosotros buscasteis

ustedes/ellas/ellos buscaron

Yo leí

tú leíste

él/ella leyó

nosotros leímos

vosotros leísteis

ustedes/ellas/ellos leyeron

Yo preferí

tú preferiste

él/ella prefirió

nosotros preferimos

vosotros preferisteis

ustedes/ellas/ellos prefirieron


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Conjugating in preterite II (stem-changing verbs)
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