Celia Cruz: The Voice From Havana

Celia Cruz: The Voice From Havana

Carlos V.
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Noah Adams wrote in 2010:

This past summer, I took a weeklong music class with Charles Williams. It was called "Finding your Voice" and was designed to help beginners sing in public for the first time. Williams had a long career as an opera singer and now teaches voice in Washington, D.C. I played a song for him, and his own voice lit up: "Oh, Celia Cruz, from Cuba, yes. My God, what a goddess."

He admired the projection she achieved, the carrying power, keeping "the tone in the bone" right from the cheekbones. Williams could also hear the grounding of her voice in her body.

"So there's warmth," he said. "You've got the right combination of coffee and milk, a dark/light sound."

In our lesson we will practise some reading and we will analyse an iconic song from Celia Cruz. In the meantime, you can see her sing during the sound check of one of her concerts here



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