B1: Ser y Estar / verb "to be"

B1: Ser y Estar / verb "to be"

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Ser y Estar could be tricky and sometimes are easily confused. You will learn tips in order to remember their use and we will also put them to practice! This is an intermediate lesson and perfect if you'd like to revise the verb "to be" in Spanish.

Grammar: Verbs SER and ESTAR

Sujeto Ser Estar   
Yo soy estoy
eres estás
Usted, él, ella es está
Nosotros, nosotras somos estamos
Vosotros, vosotras sois estáis
Ustedes, ellos, ellas son están

Vocabulary: physical appearance and personality. 

E.g. bonita: pretty, guapo: handsome, alto, alta: tall, joven: young, etc. 


1. Please, enable your camera and audio and wear headphones/earphones to minimize sound disruption.

2. Find a comfortable quiet place without any background noise.

3. Arrive on time. You might not be granted access if you arrive late.

4. This lesson is not aimed for children. 

5. Be kind to your classmates, we are all here for learning and sharing!


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