Objeto directo e indirecto

Objeto directo e indirecto

Patricia V.
The lesson is past
#indirect-object-pronoun #direct-object-pronoun

We will review the grammar structure of direct and indirect object pronouns and will practice through a game.

Some grammar points we will learn in this lesson will be:

Types of direct object pronouns LA, LAS, LO, LOS IT, THEM
How to substitute words DO by their pronouns Compré tomates - LOS compro I bought tomatoes - I bought THEM
How to substitute words DO by their pronouns when there is a modal verb Me gusta ver la tele - Me gusta VERLA I like watching TV - I like watching IT



Lyn H. commented 7 months ago
If anyone cant attend I would love to join this class
Sandra M. commented 7 months ago
Damelo (give it to me) so is it , Danoslo (give it to us), Daselo (give it them) ? Yo os las cocinos todas las semanas (I cook it for you both every week) ?
Patricia V. commented 7 months ago
Dámelo, dánoslo, dáselo (a él/ella o ellos) - all of them correct Yo os las cocino todas las semanas - correcto - el verbo queda en primera persona del singular, although I suspect it is a typo seeing as every word ends in S in this sentence. lol

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