Rutina / rutinas

Rutina / rutinas

Briseida C.
The lesson is past
#daily-routines #reflexive-verbs

We will learn how to talk about your routine and put sequence of everyday actions. 
Vamos a aprender a hablar de la rutina y ordenar las acciones diarias.

Reflexive verbs are verbs that take a reflexive pronoun, they are formed with se in the infinitive e.g bañarse (to bathe oneself/take a bath).

Grammar: verbos reflexivos 

peinarse comb one’s hair
yo me peino I comb my hair
te peinas you comb your hair
él/ella/usted se peina he/she/it combs his/her/its hair
nosotros nos peinamos we comb our hair
vosotros os peináis you (pl. inf.) comb your hair
ellos/ustedes se peinan they/you (formal) comb their/your hair


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