Concha Buika, la voz de la libertad

Concha Buika, la voz de la libertad

Carlos V.
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To be born with a good singing voice is an accident of good genes. But what makes a good voice become a great one? For some singers, the answer is years of training. For others, it's life in a church choir. But this is the story of a singer who says that what you hear in her voice is freedom.

The singer is Buika, born and raised on the Spanish island of Mallorca, as the child of African immigrants.

Concha Buika, born on May 11, 1972, is a Spanish singer-songwriter celebrated for her captivating fusion of flamenco, jazz, and Afro-Latin influences. Hailing from Palma de Mallorca, she moved to Madrid to pursue her musical career. Buika's powerful, emotive voice and unique style have earned her acclaim worldwide.

Her boundary-defying music often explores themes of love, identity, and cultural diversity. Buika continues to enchant audiences with her soulful performances, earning numerous awards and becoming an iconic figure in contemporary world music.

We will learn about her life and work and we will analyse one of her songs.


Carlos V. commented 3 months ago
Aquí tienen el video completo de la entrevista de hoy:
Carlos V. commented 3 months ago
Y aquí ella cantando flamenco:

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