Calm tourism. The concept of Cittaslow

Calm tourism. The concept of Cittaslow

Carlos V.
The lesson is past

We will read about the concept of CittaSlow. This movement aims to preserve and promote authentic and calm cities around the world. 

We will also revise how to allude to a specific opinion or news. 

Alluding to our opinion or news: 

Eso de que + subjunctive

News: "Los nuevos hoteles de lujo cerrarán las playas al público general."

Alluding to the previous news: Eso de que vayan a cerrar las playas me parece muy mal. 

Eso de + infinitive

Opinion: "Para pagar la preservación de la catedral, estoy de acuerdo que se cobre a los turistas por entrar".

Alluding to the previous opinion: En eso de pagar por visitar la catedral, no estoy de acuerdo.




Jim B. commented 1 month ago,vid:T_Lk7qivXbw,st:0 Here’s a link to the famous Stanley Baxter “marra in ra barra” sketch from the “Parliamo Glasgow” series.
Carlos V. commented 1 month ago
Amazing! Thank you for sharing this. I have been watching some videos and although I struggle to understand some words what I can catch is pure comedy gold.
Jim B. commented 1 month ago
Excellent. I’m glad you’re enjoying this. Yes it’s classic 1970s British comedy. The Stanley Baxter Christmas specials were amazing. As you say “comedy gold”.
Nina P. commented 1 month ago
What a clever actor Stanley was. I have been listening to some of the old series. I was only 9 years old at the beginning of the 70s so I am appreciating them more now.

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