Prepositions in Spanish

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Preposition Meaning Use and examples
De of, from, about

1 Possession: 

Ese libro es de Mariana. / That is Mariana's book.

2 Cause:

Está enfermo de gripa. / He has a cold.

3 Nationality:

Yo soy de Francia. / I am from France.

4 Material:

No me gusta la ropa de piel / I don't like leather clothes.

5 Subject:

Hablemos del calentamiento global* / Let's talk about global warming

*Important: Observe that in this sentence we used "del" instead of "de". When the preposition goes before the indefinite article "el" they merge into "del".

A at, to, for

1 Motion: 

Mañana nos vamos a Marbella. / Tomorrow we are going to Marbella.

2 Time:

La reunión comienza a las 8. / The meeting starts at 8.

3 Indirect object:

Le he escrito una carta a mi madre/ I have written a letter to my mother. 

En in, at, on

1 Location: 

Estoy en el trabajo. / I'm at work.

El conejo entró en su madriguera. / The rabbit got in its den.

La botella está en la mesa. / The bottle is on the table.


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