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Spanish pronunciation: EU sound

Mastering the elusive "EU" sound.

A diphtong is a sound formed by the combination of two vowels. The diphtong "EU" in Spanish sometimes is intricate to produce. Depending on your language, the resulted sound of the combination of the vowels E + U could differ greatly from Spanish. The key here is to be aware of these sounds and to practise producing them.

Learning pronunciation is like going to the gym. The muscles in our mouth are used to our mother language, this is completely normal, so we have to train them in order to acquire new positions and sounds that exist in our target language. We can achieve this by reading out loud and copying a model.

Here is an example of an activity.

Sound "EU" practice.

1- Read silently and analyse the meaning of the following sentence. The words containing the target sound are in red.

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2- Listen to the model and repeat. Pause as much as you need to. You can listen here.

3- To go further, record yourself and compare your pronunciaton with the model in order to find exactly the part that needs more practice.

That's it! Adopting these learning habits of repetition and sound awareness will bring a great improvement to your Spanish journey.

Here's a list of more words containing the EU sound:

1- ¡Eureka!

2- Eucalipto

3- Seudónimo

4- Neumonía

5- Seúl

6- Zeus

7- Euforia

8- Deuda

9- Neumático

10- Reuma

Happy learning,

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