Pronunciation in Spanish: Consonant "H"

Let's practise together some pronunciation.

The consonant "H" is silent. You can find this letter at the beginning (hola), middle (alcohol) or end of a word (bah), however, it always remain soundless.

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Here's the transcript of our lesson's text:

Hoy hace calor y es la hora de la siesta. Hércules hizo un jugo de zanahoria. Tomó su almohada y su hamaca y ahora descansa bajo una haya.


Today is hot and it is siesta time. Hercule made a carrot juice. He took his pillow and his hammock and how he rests under a beech tree.

What about other common words with this sound? Check this list:


El cohete / rocket

La alhaja / jewel

La bahía / bay

El hospital / hospital

El hambre / hunger

El hielo / ice

El huevo / egg

La harina / flour


herir / to hurt

hacer / to do

ahogar / to drown

hornear / to bake

ahorrar / to save (money)

hervir / to boil

hablar / to speak

huir / to run away


inhóspito, inhóspita / inhospitable

inherente / inherent

coherente / coherent

horroroso, horrorosa / dreadful

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