Does Freddie Highmore speak Spanish?

Spanish teacher reaction and analysis.

Cardi B is an American rapper, songwriter and actress from the Bronx. Her father is Dominican and her mother is from Trinidad. Although her native language is English she has been exposed to Spanish since she was a kid. Her accent is of course, Dominican.

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Good use of language:

1 Use of suffixes -ísimo and -ísima for emphasising assertions

In Spanish is very common to use the endings -ísimo and -ísima to give emphasis to a general piece of information. These suffixes are very common in day to day communication.

Es alta / She is tall.

Es altísima / She is really tall.

Londres es bello. / London is beautiful.

Londres es bellísimo / London is very beautiful.

2 Use of POR for giving a reason.

Por + infinitive verb

Pensé que no me iban a aceptar por ser inglés. / I thought they were not going to accept me for being English.

Por + noun

Elegí Galicia por el tiempo. / I chose Galicia because of the weather.

To improve:

1 Prepositional phrase "con respecto a" (regarding)

One way to say "regarding" in Spanish is with the prepositional phrase "con respecto a".

Con respecto a los remedios naturales, prefiero evitarlos. / Regarding the natural remedies, I prefer to avoid them.

I hope you find this analysis beneficial for your Spanish learning journey, keep up the good work!

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