Does Cardie B speak Spanish?

Spanish teacher reaction and analysis.

Cardi B is an American rapper, songwriter and actress from the Bronx. Her father is Dominican and her mother is from Trinidad. Although her native language is English she has been exposed to Spanish since she was a kid. Her accent is of course, Dominican.

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Good use of language:

1 Diminutive for showing affection or friendliness

In Spanish is very common to use the endings -ito and -ita for expressing something is small. However, these also express affection and fondness.

¿Quieres un cafecito? / Would you like a little coffee? (literal translation)

2 Use of the neuter indirect object pronoun "lo"

The neuter indirect object pronoun "lo" can be use to replace an adjective, situation or clause. It is the representation of an abstract idea which is not specific. The English equivalent would be it, that or what.

Yo estudio todo lo que yo hago. / I study everything that I do.

Yo estudio lo que yo hago. / I study what I do.

Lo estudio. / I study it.

To improve:

1 The difference between decir / hablar

Decir (to say)

¡Ay Dios mío!, ¿pero qué estoy diciendo?. / ¡Oh my God!, what am I saying?

Hablar (to speak)

Yo hablo mandarín y japonés. / I speak Mandarin and Japanese.

I hope you find this analysis beneficial for your Spanish learning journey, keep up the good work!

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